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Be Nice To Cover Instructors On World Mental Health Day!

Be nice to cover instructors on world mental health day!

You know what it’s like, you agree to cover a class (or three) on your day off to help someone out and some people are well, less than friendly, on a good day this is funny, on a bad day you go home and consider giving it all up.

I love doing a bit of cover and often people are lovely but sometimes it can be a real test of your ability to remain calm in challenging circumstances.

I vividly recall a few years ago (I was new and scared – as you are) and I was covering some classes last minute so members didn’t know regular instructor wasn’t there.

Girl came up to me and said “Oh is it you today?”, I confirmed it was and she stormed off and complained (she’d never seen me teach – in fairness I wasn’t that good but still…. bit rude)

So #benicetoacoverinstructoronmentalhealthday

We’d love to hear your best “this happened on a cover” stories…..

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