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Can I Make Enough Money Working In Fitness?

Can I make enough money working in fitness?

Most people start out in the fitness industry as what we now must call a “side hustle” but what used to be called a part time job. At some point or other most of us (myself included) dream of sticking it to “the man” and dancing (or burpeeing) off into the sunset as a full time fitness professional.

Some people never do it, some people do it and realise it’s not for them and other exceptional individuals manage to do it for years and thrive on it. The only way to find these things out is by trying them.

I like to live my life as a warning to others and grab opportunities that come my way so when I found myself “between jobs” (I never got another job unless you count the leisure centre) I decided to try it.

In the summer of 2015 I achieved the following milestones:

  • 3 months on no rest days
  • A 37 class week (some of them were not 1 hour classes) followed by a sub one hour 10k on my “rest day”)
  • The week of 10 BodyAttacks
  • The week of 8 BodyCombats
  • Qualified as a PT and a Bodypump instructor (in addition to all of the other stuff I taught – my 5th programme)
  • Getting 27 regular classes in varying distant locations

It was fine for a while, I was living my dream life but then the injuries started and I thought I had better build up my “side line” where I kept my hand in on the accountancy by doing a few tax returns for fitness instructors.

What did I earn? It was reasonable money, it covered my essential living costs, running the car, paying my bills etc but it didn’t leave anything extra and after a while I found it quite draining. I managed 4 years.

I recently reduced my class schedule back to what it was when I had a full time job and it now feels right for me, but for a while – 25 classes a week was an absolute blast. Its good to have some back up skills and have those ready to make money – just in case, you never know what could happen to hit your income – even a bad case of flu or a sprained ankle.

If you don’t happen to be an accountant look at other fitnessey ways to make money:

  • Personal Training
  • Yoga and Pilates
  • Sports massage

Classes are always there but your body has off days (and months in my case lately!)

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