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COVID-19 Our Response

COVID-19 our response

FitTax is a little different to most other accountants. It is me, Diane, working from home assisted by a small team when needed who also work from home. So remote working is no issue and there will be no interruption to business caused by the lockdown itself.

However, the fitness industry in currently in some chaos and this could continue for some time. I currently have around 150 clients who have some involvement in fitness and most of you are aware that I’m also an instructor.

In times such as these it is important for me to stay in touch with you and the easiest way for me to do this efficiently is via facebook as I can do that from my phone and react quickly.

Please join the facebook group to stay up to date – I am posting content daily that is relevant to you now. I have already done one facebook live and plan to do more when more information on the situation comes to light.

I could spend my entire life posting on this website what the current position is and I would find myself updating it most days

Here is a sample of the content from the group – a couple of flow charts that help you easily understand your position. I will also keep these updated and add more.

Self employment scheme chart

Furlough for employees chart

Direct Debit Customers

If you are on direct debit I will be checking whether you wish to continue before running April’s direct debit. New pricing will follow in due course.

This years fees

I will look to arrange to spread fees if required for 2019/20 returns if you are not working (if not already paid in advance by direct debit.

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