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Growing A Business – Lessons And Growing Pains

Growing a business – lessons and growing pains

So FitTax is a lot bigger than it used to be. I remember the summer of 2015 well, I was free of my day job, teaching all the classes I wanted and had this little “thing” on the side where I did tax returns for instructors (about 30 or so).

I never imagined where this was going to go. I got to a point last year where I was a victim of my own success. I had so many people coming to me for help and I never turn work away and also was still teaching insane numbers of classes. I’ve not hidden the fact that this completely burned me out for a while.

The only way to continue was to train and utilise people (the lovely Tracey and Mel) to help me, but training people inevitably takes time, no matter how good they are so thank you for bearing with us if we have been a little slower than usual this year.

I have further plans to expand my team – my husband is now becoming our IT and QuickBooks department and is in the process of writing some helpful content from the point of view of someone who doesn’t know anything about accounts…… and me – I’m the boss of loads of people all of a sudden.

I appreciate that I have been a little more distant from client contact and just putting myself out there for the last few months due to being busy behind the scenes and a couple of holidays (not my idea – not a fan of holidays).

I am intending to post more BLOGS and helpful content and we will be updating the website.

We will also be pushing out content via the app in addition to the automatic content that you are getting from it.

My private social media is not for business communication but we always respond as quickly as we can to questions via email or the facebook page. We also have a direct phone number where you can speak to Mel and I can call you if needed.

Diane 🙂

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